Auto-Open Double Heating Platens Cap Heat Press Machine – 179093


  • Double heating platens: the independently controlled upper and lower heating platens can not only print the ordinary plane figures, but can also effectively fix 3D graphics like logo patches and emblems on the cap.
  • Wide opening angle: The heat press can open up to 80°. The wide opening angle offers you a much safer heat-free workspace.
  • Multi-timer digital controller: the advanced LCD touch controller has multiple timers that allow you to pre-set all the times at once for the three steps of completing a project, i.e., pre-heating, printing and reinforcing.
  • Auto-open function: the upper heating platen will open automatically when the timer ends to prevent over-exposure and scorching of your substrate.
  • Wide applications: The one-size-fits-all hat pad allows you to print different sizes of caps. And it also allows you to print both the front and the sides and back of a cap.
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