Orca DTF® U620 Roll-to-Roll UV DTF Printer


  • Roll-to-roll laminating system: the convenient and efficient roll-to-roll laminating system is not only labor-saving but also ensures the better laminating results.
  • 4 color inks + white ink & varnish: this UV DTF printer is equipped with 6 ink tanks for 4 color inks, white ink and varnish.
  • 3D relief effects: the simultaneous printing of white, color ink and varnish can create vivid 3D relief effects, as well as amazing glossy and matte finish.
  • Full-wrap printer cover: the full-wrap printer cover can improve operational safety and can also reduce the adhesion of dust on the film during printing, effectively improving printing quality.
  • 3/4 Epson i1600/i3200 print heads: this UV DTF printer comes with 3 Epson i1600/i3200 print heads; an additional print head can also be added to realize the application of bronze varnish.
  • 60 cm max. printing width: this printer can accept 60 cm wide printing film, ideal for batch printing of labels.
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