Orca DTF® D620 DTF Printer & Shaker Bundle

  • DTF printer & shaker: this DTF printing system includes a DTF printer and a powder shaker & dryer machine that has a built-in air purifier.
  • Adjustment-free print head installation: the newly-designed print head component doesn’t require adjustment to the print heads when installing them.
  • Electric pinch roller control: with the electric pinch roller control system, the film will be evenly stressed and fed more accurately.
  • Tension bar film feeding system: the intelligent tension bar film feeding system can add a proper tension to the film while being fed, making the film much flatter and smoother.
  • Printing platform backlight: the backlight under the printing platform allows you to check the printing effect easily and immediately.
  • Automatic print head moisturizing system: the moisturizing system can spray moisturizing liquid at regular intervals automatically to keep the print heads moist and clean.
  • White ink stirring device: the auxiliary white ink stirring device allows you to put a bottle of white ink on for automatic stirring at any time.
  • 2/4 Epson i3200-A1 print heads: this DTF printer will come with 2 or 4 Epson i3200-A1 print heads, according to your demands.
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