Dual Station Auto-Open Heat Press Machine

  • Magnetic automatic-opening: the upper heating platen will open automatically when the timer ends to prevent over-exposure and scorching of your substrate
  • Switch between dual and single station modes:  this heat press can switch between dual and single station configurations just by the dual platen tool, depending on your space and needs
  • Interchangeable thread-able and kit platens: the interchangeable lower platens allow you to take on different heat transfer projects, and you can change them easily without tools
  • Platens: 2 threadable lower platens are included; an optional kit platen 5 pack is available separately (including a baby clothes platen, sleeve platen, shoe platen, stocking platen and label platen)
  • Higher efficiency: the dual station design improves the efficiency of your work by reducing waiting time for a complete pressing cycle
  • Versatility: this heat press is ideal for garments like T-shirts, sweaters, as well as thin flat substrates like flat boards and photo panels
  • Clamshell design: the clamshell style allows it to fit and operate in workspaces with limited space
  • A professional machine: it is an ideal choice whether you’re in the start-up phase or at the expansion stage of your business
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