The Preferred Choice in Sublimation Coatings

The Orca Coatings is a well-established brand in all oversea markets, owned by Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc.,

Orca coatings is applied in full coated sublimation blanks, which provides high-quality, consistent, and vibrant imprinted results.

With decades of industry-leading experience, Photo USA has continued to be at the forefront of the sublimation industry with the most advanced and effective technology.

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A Lifespan of 10 years even if you wash it on a daily basis!

Orca Coating Feature

ORCA coating® features a hard quality than the other sublimation coating on the market. Our ORCA-coated mugs can withstand 3500 cycles in a standard domestic dishwasher while images suffer minimal image degradation.

3500 dishwashes

Orca Coatings is the preferred choice for sublimation customers all over the world!

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