Sublimation Enamel Mug Holders


  • These sublimation enamel mug holders are crafted from quality steel and coated with fine enamel coating.
  • They also have been finished with our world-renowned ORCA Coating for high-quality heat transfer image.
  • The mug holders include two large-sized 23 oz. and 33 oz. enamel mugs that come with a cap, as well as an ultra-large 60 oz. enamel mug holder.
  • The 23 oz. and 33 oz. types are great for drinking coffee or other beverages, and also perfect as kitchen canisters for storing tea and various seasonings.
  • The more heavy-duty 60 oz. enamel mug is ideal for serving your homemade mushroom soup or delicious fruits to your guests.
  • You can personalize these enamel mugs by imprinting any tasteful designs you love on them.
  • They can not only make a unique set of personalized enamelware for your kitchen, but can also add a personal touch to your kitchen décor.