Personalized Teddy Bear Key Ring

  • Teddy bear pendant: this personalized Teddy Bear Key Ring features a super cute mini teddy bear pendant that has soft plush and wears a cute white top.
  • Fluffy and fun: the little teddy bear feels fluffy and adds more fun to your purse or bag when put into the accessory.
  • Customizable: the white top on the bear has a printable space of 3 x 4 cm ready for sublimation image, so you can personalize the teddy bear by adding your favorite design on.
  • Easy to clean: the little top can be easily removed for washing, making it very convenient to keep it nice and clean.
  • Multi-use key ring: you can attach it on the zipper of your purse, hang it on your backpack as a chic bag pendant, or hang it on your car’s rear view mirror as an adorable car charm.
  • Teddy Bear gift set: you can pair this key ring with our Plush Teddy Bear toy to create an irresistibly cute Teddy Bear gift set or to bring more “Teddy Bear style” to your own life.
  • 2 colors: this Teddy Bear Key Ring is available in 2 colors of yellow and brown.