11 oz. Sublimation Animal Mugs

Cartoon and animals mugs are made of pottery. Unlike porcelain products, pottery products are easy to be shaped, and the pottery makes the cartoon models more vivid and realistic. There are tons of animal-or cartoon-shaped mugs existing on the market now, without guaranteed quality or warranty. Our mugs come with colored glaze and patented ORCA coating, which makes the imprinted images more vivid.

Our animal mugs will bring a smile to children of all ages, featuring 19 different members of the animal kingdom. Just imprint an image onto these super-cute mugs. Available animal mug models include Penguin, Chook, Sheep, Pig, Mouse, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Zebra, Cat, Monkey, Dolphin, Dog, Fox, Turtle, Giraffe, Dragon, Snake and Horse. Besides, 11 oz. the mug would be a universal choice for people.

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