Sublimation Socks with Black Heel (with Cardboard Insert)

  • These sublimation socks are made from high quality thick polyester fabric.
  • They are very soft and breathable, really comfortable for day-to-day wear.
  • The socks  come in white color and feature a black heel.
  • Each pair of socks come with a durable cardboard insert.
  • This collection of sublimation socks include two sizes of Adult Crew Socks and one size of Kids Ankle Socks.
  • The crew socks are suitable for both men and women; the small-sized ankle socks are made for little kids and toddlers.
  • You can personalize these socks by printing your favorite trendy designs on the entire surface.
  • These sublimation socks are perfect for daily wear and can also make a thoughtful personalized gift.