Personalized Pinewood Pencil Holder

  • This Personalized Pinewood Pencil Holder is crafted with premium pinewood. It is lightweight and durable enough to last years.
  • It features creamy white color and beautiful grain that are characteristic of pinewood, and also features a printable MDF insert.
  • The natural, elegant look of this stationery organizer makes it a cozy home to your stationery supplies such as pens, pencils and rulers, and also lets it fit well in any desktop settings.
  • You can decorate this pencil holder by printing any beautiful design on the blank white insert to make it unique and perfectly match your desktop theme.
  • The MDF insert is available separately, and there are two types of it for you to choose, one type made in America and the other type made in China.
  • This sublimation pinewood pencil holder will help keep your work and stationery organized but also inspire you in your study and work!
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