Personalized Pinewood Pencil Case with Pinewood Color Pencils

  • This Personalized Pinewood Pencil Case is crafted with premium pinewood. It is lightweight and durable enough to last years.
  • The pencil case features creamy white color and beautiful grain that are characteristic of pinewood, and also features a printable MDF sliding lid.
  • It is available in two sizes: the large type is wide and flat, and includes 12 wooden color pencils for drawing, while the small type is slim and compact, including 8 wooden color pencils.
  • You can decorate this pencil case by printing any beautiful design on the blank white lid to make it your own one-and-only pencil case.
  • The MDF lid of this pencil box is available separately, and there are two types of it for you to choose, one type made in America and the other type made in China.
  • This sublimation pinewood pencil case makes an elegant storage box for your stationery supplies such as pens, pencils and rulers, but also makes a stylish makeup organizer for your cosmetics like eyebrow pencils.
  • It will keep your stationery organized and accessible at any time but also inspire you in working, studying and creating brilliant works.
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