Aluminum Carabiner Handle for 20 oz./30 oz. Stainless Steel Sport Tumbler

  • This carabiner handle is made for use with our 20 oz./30 oz. Stainless Steel Sport Tumbler.
  • It is also ideal to use with a wide range of mugs, and water bottles that have a metal loop handle or loop-top lid.
  • The carabiner handle comes with a metal ring, through which, it can be easily attached to or removed from the sport tumbler lid or other bottle handles.
  • With this super convenient carabiner handle, you can turn your drinkware into a portable one with no effort when you’re outdoors climbing or camping, and turn it back into its original condition when you’re at home or office.
  • This carabiner handle is available in black and silver to match your mugs or bottles.
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