9 oz. Two-Tone Mug with Tapered Bottom (Inside and Handle Colored)

  • This two-tone ceramic mug brings more color to your home and is a fun way to enjoy coffee and milk.
  • The lovely and cheerful design would motivate your child to drink more water!
  • This mug is colored on inside and handle in one of 8 vivid colors and also features a lovely ear-shaped handle and round tapered bottom.
  • The mug is made of high-quality ceramic and finely coated with our well-known ORCA Coatings.
  • The proper size makes this mug ideal for drinking espresso and Caffè breve coffee, and any of your favorite beverages.
  • It is also a perfect mug for your child to drink milk and water.
  • You can personalize this mug to make it fun and unique by printing any of your favorite designs or images.
  • Our well-known ORCA Coatings ensures the best durability in dishwasher and microwave, and supports optimal transfer effect to best showcase your printed image.
  • You can choose all the colors to make a perfect tableware collection for your home, and we also have a pure white version of this collection for your choice.