Choose Orca Coatings to Help Your Sublimation Business!


As more and more customers need personalized and unique products, sublimation printing is in great demand and becoming increasingly popular. Many people seek to venture into this potential business, especially the family sublimation venture due to the coronavirus this year, and Photo USA is always the most reliable partner to guide and help you make a profit!

Sublimation printing as an alternative to the crisis

Due to COVID-19, many people have to stay at home to protect themselves and find something to do. And family sublimation printing is just a perfect way to start your venture! It is easy to operate and needs little investment at the beginning.

 Premium and portable sublimation machine

A high-quality and easy-to-use machine is essential for your sublimation printing venture. We, Photo USA, provide not only premium sublimation products, but also superb sublimation machines. Recently we just launched a series of sublimation machines that are portable and pretty easy to learn and operate, perfect for sublimation ventures to manufacture at home or studios.

100% satisfaction after-sales service

Besides machines, we also offer each customer 100% satisfaction after-sales service! And it is extremely important for individual businesses, as some of you who have just begun this venture have little experience. But Photo USA, the leading sublimation manufacturer, has practiced nearly 30 years in this industry and can provide you with professional and practical advice for your venture.

Buy a sublimation machine here to start your venture now! Grasp the precious opportunity to blaze your own trail.

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