Clamshell Auto-Open Heat Press Machine – 179091


  • Upgraded auto-open function: adopting an upgraded air spring, this heat press will automatically open more softly.
  • Multi-timer LCD touch controller: the digital controller with multiple timers allows you to pre-set all the times at once for the three steps of completing a project, i.e., pre-heating, printing and reinforcing.
  • Non-slip pull-out drawer: the drawer adopts patented non-slip sliding rail, so it won’t accidently slide back due to any external force when you’re arranging your garment or other substrates on the lower platen.
  • Advanced ceramic lower platen: the patented ceramic lower platen has perfect flatness, smoothness and durability, effectively fixing the metal burr problem caused by metal platen.
  • Over 10 interchangeable lower platens: so many interchangeable lower platens allow you to take on a very wide range of heat transfer projects, and you can change them easily without tools.
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