What is Orca Coatings?

The Preferred Choice in Sublimation Coatings

The ORCA sublimation coating brand, owned by Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc.,  is renowned for its ORCA coated sublimation product line that provides high quality, consistent, and vibrant imprinted results.  With this industry leading coating, Photo USA has continued to be at the forefront of the sublimation industry with the most advanced and effective technology.


International standards of green eco-friendly materials make ORCA a perfect choice for sublimation products. ORCA products are safe and healthy for any home- goods including ceramic coffee mugs, plates, tiles, and more.


ORCA coating features a harder quality than the other sublimation coating on the market. Our ORCA coated mugs can withstand 3000 cycles in a standard domestic dishwasher while images suffer minimal image degradation.


Our rigorously tested ORCA coating ensures a brighter color transfer that other competing coatings cannot compare with.  Our proven formula stands the test of time.


ORCA coating is very stable and reliable, which comes from our 30 years of experience.  Defect rates, uneven color, or unwanted spreading is minimal to none.


ORCA coating will retain and intensify the original product luster, providing a smooth surface which is comfortable to the touch.  This will allow your photo or design to stand out even more.


ORCA is applicable to all kinds of products including ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and more.  View more in our Products section.

Orca Coating Feature

Our ORCA Coatings® was developed with a devotion to the highest standard of product quality. Using our 28 years of industry-leading experience, we engineered a coating that has surpassed all others in terms of quality, consistency, and durability.

3500 cycle dishwashes for orcacoatings mug

3500 Cycle Dishwasher Proof

Products coated with our ORCA Coatings® are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and incredibly long-lasting. This means that the colors of your image will not fade from the product even after multiple cycles through a dishwasher! All of our coatings are also approved by the FDA and compliant with Proposition 65.

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